Organizer of the tournament is club Florbalová škola Plzeň, z.s.


Saturday 12 September 2020 – Sunday 13 September 2020

  • Tournament starts on Saturday at 8:00 AM, scheduled end on Sunday at 6:00 PM.

Where to play:

The tournament takes place in halls and gyms in Pilsen. The main center of the tournament is:

  • Městská sportovní hala Lokomotiva, Úslavská 75, 326 00 Plzeň 2-Slovany
  • VOŠ a SPŠE Plzeň, Koterovská 828/85, 326 00 Plzeň 2-Slovany

Age categories:

  • The tournament is designed for categories U9 (born 1.1.2012 and later), U11 (born 1.1.2010-31.12.2011), U13 (born 1.1.2008-31.12.2009) and U15 (born 1.1.2006-31.12.2007).
  • No age exceptions are allowed (for boys).
  • Girls teams can start (born +1 year ago), girls can start in boys’ teams.

Registration fee (entry fee):

Complete information about registration fees.

Tournament rules:

  • U9 and U11 will be played with 3+1 system, U13 and U15 will be played with 5+1 system.
  • Estimated game time 2 x 12 minutes super rough time (45 minutes per match).
  • The tournament will take place on a course of 18 x 10 m, resp. 36 x 18 m.
  • Enrolled teams will be divided into groups, the play-off system will be determined according to the final number of participating teams.
  • Guaranteed at least four matches for each team.
  • Matches will be controlled by floorball referees.
  • Overall tournament results will be announced.
  • The schedule will be published by 1 September 2020.

Accommodation and meal:

Accommodation is possible in Pilsen in youth homes (in case of interest contact the organizer). We also prepare meals in the dining room.


Competitors participate at their own risk.